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Ruby 07

Hybrid Storage Generator



Title of Patent:

Power system with an energy generator and a hybrid energy storage system

  • A power management system for an energy storage system

  • Able to control a power system with an energy generator and hybrid energy storage system (HSS), where the system includes two or more energy storage system – each with different energy storage capacity and energy discharge capacity

  • It provides distributed control strategy of HSS, faster operation control through direct control upon power electronic interfaces, sustainable and safe operation of the HSS and better utilization of storage devices

  • It is easy to update the different types of energy storage devices applied and different component configuration such as the unit size and operation constraints


Potential Areas of Applications:
  • Batteries and Supercapacitors

  • Renewable Energy

  • Automative

  • Any other power related devices


Proposed Schemes:

Assignment basis 5% - 10% equity exchange

* Schemes are subject to the business model and are open for discussion.

IP Originated by

Ruby 06

Ruby 08

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