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Comfortable Footbed Shapes Detector

• HK Exclusive •

Require to set up a Hong Kong company



Title of Patent:

Method and Apparatus for Determining Comfortable Footbed Shapes

  • Determine comfortable footbed shape for a person by providing measurements of the foot such as rear platform, front platform, etc.

  • Provides a device for measuring the plantar shape of the foot including heel length, heel angle, heel height, toe angle, and midfoot support length

  • A system is proposed whereby the heel angle (or wedge angle) can be continuously or discretely changed in order to determine the planar shape as well as the optimal or comfortable shape for various heel heights, heel length, toe angle, midfoot support length and materials supporting the foot

  • The plantar shape can be digitalised to obtain the insole shape of a shoe or insole in any weight-bearing condition. In addition, by adopting a plaster casting of the foot while standing on any given embodiment, the complete shape of the foot can be obtained whereby the whole shoe can be manufactured to provide a customised fit


Potential Areas of Applications:
  • Shoe Insoles

  • Healthcare


Proposed Schemes:


* Schemes are subject to the business model and are open for discussion.

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