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Skin Diagnostic

• Special Requirements •

Series A and above | Require to set up a Hong Kong company



Title of Patent:

Wrinkle detection apparatus and wrinkle detection method​

  • An apparatus and method to detect wrinkle area of a skin included in an image

  • High accuracy with lower processing load

  • Detect area that is a target of wrinkle detection based on facial component positional information that is input from a detection unit. (Eg: Detects both eyes and nose from lower eyelid of a left eye to a left cheek)

  • Detection area determination may exclude an area occupied by eyelashes, hair, rim of glasses, and the like. (Eg: Eyelashes area can be removed through use of a known image processing technique)




Title of Patent:

Wrinkle care support device and method for supporting wrinkle care​

  • A wrinkle are support device and method for supporting wrinkle care to reduce skin wrinkles

  • Efficiently care for potential wrinkles, detects changes, and output information to the user

  • User’s facial skin image will be obtained through photograph such as to video the user’s face with a digital camera

  • Output of results information will be shown through a liquid crystal display with a touch panel




Title of Patent:

Imaging-observation apparatus​

  • An imaging-observation apparatus which shoots an image of a portion of an organism such as its surface and neighbouring region and displays such an image shot

  • An image will be shot under multiple different shooting optical conditions at the same time and generate a plurality of images

  • Able to observe a spot on a person’s skin or monitoring a diseased portion of an organism, and to locate it easily or observed in real time


Potential Areas of Applications:
  • Beauty Salons

  • Cosmetics Retailers

  • Healthcare

  • Beauty Products


Proposed Schemes:

Subject to the discussion.

* Schemes are subject to the business model and are open for discussion.

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